Social Magnetism

  • Social Magnetism

Are you tired of going to the same dreary networking events? Bored of meeting people that only see you as a paycheck? Want to become so charismatic that you can’t help but magnetically attract business? After attending thousands of networking events, serial entrepreneur Ben Chai, shares his techniques that have allowed him to build seven-figure businesses. International speaker, Property Mentor, and Best-Selling Author Ben Chai has gone from shy wallflower to speaking on stage in over 60 countries to audiences of over 2,000 people. Through stories, no-nonsense advice, and easily actionable exercises, Ben reveals the way for anyone to become Socially Magnetic. In these pages you’ll discover:

• How to add value to everyone you meet

• How to find business at events you want to go to

• How to have fun when meeting new people

• The 5 biggest mistakes most people make

• How to get amazing people contacting you

If you’re looking to meet incredible business minds, if you want to start getting huge value from networking events, if you’re looking to become the person that everyone wants to talk to, this book is for you.

Date: March 15, 2018