New Success Secrets, Muhammed Siddique, Story Wand

New Success Secrets

Siddique and TCat were referred to us by legendary business coach Jason Gilbert. They desperately needed to have their book “New Success Secrets” completed within three days! Here at StoryWand we appreciate a challenge and in three days we were able to:

  • Provide clarity for their message
  • Make the book fit for publication
  • Help them secure a foreword from New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Authour Robert Shemin

Now, “New Success Secrets” was an exciting project to work on. During our short time span we were able to:

  • Completely restructure the book
  • Overhaul the book’s content to make it relevant to modern audiences
  • Line Edit the book’s content
  • Copy Edit the book’s content
  • Design a brand new cover
  • Work with TCat and Siddique’s publisher to get the manuscript ready for print

To learn more about Siddique, check out his website –


Advisory Board Builder, StoryWand, Nancy Mayer

Advisory Board Builder

Nancy came to us with her book “The Advisory Board Playbook” which promised to:

“5 Steps to…
4x Higher Valuation
3x More Sales & Revenue
2x Productivity of Your Team
1 Wildly Successful Company”

Needless to say, we were intrigued.

We worked with Nancy on structuring her book so that it:

  • Provided maximum value to her readers
  • Showed off her expertise in a subtle, yet impressive way
  • Had a clear call-to-action to turn her readers into leads

Now, Nancy already had a fairly complete first draft, so together we worked on her:

  • Editing for maximum impact
  • Structuring for greatest clarity
  • How to properly leverage her book as an authority building and lead generation tool

Check out Nancy’s website here –

Connect and Make a Difference, StoryWand, book publishing

Connect and Make a Difference

International speaker, business coach, and all-around amazing person, Raluca Gomeaja, approached us with an opportunity to help her write her first ever book! She was speaking in front of 2,500 people and needed her book to be completed by the time she was going to go on stage.

She needed a:

  • High-impact sales tool
  • Something to help her generate leads
  • The ability to stand out in the sea of business coaches

We sat down with her for a consultancy session and she clearly outlined exactly what she was looking for. That’s the great thing about public speakers, they speak their mind! From our consultancy session and Raluca supplying the message, tone, and style for her book, we produced:

  • A High-quality eBook