How to Write Better Content Quicker

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In the age of social media and personal branding, the content that you put out will make or break your career. In the next 500 words, you’re going to learn how to massively increase your ability to make content and speed up how quickly you can produce it.

My top tip for you today: Chunk your time into tasks.

One of the biggest reasons people don’t put out a lot of content is because they don’t feel like they have time to produce it.

I get it! If you’re producing written content, and you’re not a writer, the blank page is a terrifying mind-numbing prospect.

Having interviewed and consulted a lot of you guys, I’ve realised it’s because most of us are trying to do three things at once! Instead of thinking of what to write, writing it, and editing it at the same time, chunk your time into three activities: thinking, writing, and editing.

The first thing we can do to speed up the content writing process is to simply think about what it is we want to write about.

Come up with a question that your ideal clients ask you about your product or service and then write down three bullet points that answer that question.

For example, if you’re a property investor:

“Why is putting money into property investments better than in a bank?”

– It builds passive income

– You have a better asset to leverage

– The potential return is greater

See how many of these you can come up within 30 minutes.

Then take a break.

The next time you come back to your content creation, you no longer need to think, “What on Earth am I going to write?!” You can easily sit down and start answering the question you’ve set, using the bullet points as inspiration for the points you want to make.

When you do this, just write. Most of my clients (that do the writing themselves) had the following mental blocks when it came to writing:

– “No one will care about this”

– “This isn’t very good”

– “How do I be unique and original?”

Force these out of your mind and just write. Mentally understand that all these things will be fixed in the next stage of your content creation; editing!

Editing is where we should be looking at our content critically and making sure that what we’ve created is useful to our target market/ideal client.

Essentially, editing is all about asking questions like:

– Is this easy to understand?

– Does the logic flow?

– Have I explained why this is important?

Well, my three minutes are up! Have a great day and if you have any questions send me an email.