3 Simple Content “Hacks” Every Business Needs to Save Time

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Something that you’ve been asking for is to know some “cheats” or “hacks” that will save you a tonne of time. Whilst I wouldn’t call the pieces of content featured in today’s article “cheats,” they are essential for saving time, being more professional, and increasing your sales rate.

Brochure / List of Services

I used to dread that moment in a sales call when the person on the other end of the phone inevitably ended with saying, “can you send me all of this in an email?” To me, that felt like they were just fobbing me off and weren’t really interested in working with me.

However, what I realised is that it was another opportunity to sell to them in a medium I was more comfortable with!

The brochure is a powerful tool that allows you to share with prospects exactly how using you and your product or service will benefit them.

In your brochure, you should include:

– The results that the buyer will get

– Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

– Your Price points

Also, don’t call it something lame like, “xyz business brochure”. Instead, jazz it up! Call it something that will entice the other person to read it, something like; “5 Steps to [result your product/service provides]. Where each of the five steps is part of your product or service.

In the follow-up email, you send to prospective clients, you can write:

“Dear Ms. Chandler Bong

Great speaking to you on the phone.

You mentioned that you’re looking for [result]. My team and I have put together a simple 5 step document to getting [result].

From our conversation, it seems like step 3 would particularly interest you.



This is a much more effective way of getting someone to read your brochure than merely emailing something that says, “Here’s my brochure”.

Personal Bio

A big objection that I was stuck on for a while was when prospective clients would ask “Why YOU?” I didn’t have an answer. There were a tonne of great options for them to use and I saw myself as just another company for them.

Until I sat down and wrote out my personal bio.

Now, there are a tonne of ways of writing your personal bio. I give my clients a simple five-step formula (send me a PM if you’d like the template).

Having been in media since 2010, I’ve seen some shitty personal bios! These bios:

– Focus too much on the person and not the results they get

– Don’t give a clear indication of the target market

– Don’t highlight tangible results that they’ve gotten

– Don’t give the reader an idea of who the person is as a human (e.g. interests, sense of humour, etc)

As with all the content you create, the personal bio should be considered a sales document. It needs to SELL who you are to whoever is reading it.

Your personal bio can be re-used when you have:

– Media appearances

– Introducing you when you have a speaking gig

– Anytime someone wants to know, who you are

Core Services

As you build your business and work with clients, you’ll quickly realise that there is a tonne of different things that you can do for your clients that they’ll pay you for.

When I first started, I thought all I could do was produce training manuals…this turned into marketing copy…which turned into writing books…which turned into creating video interviews promoting the client…which turned into producing video courses.

It was driving me mad!

I thought to myself; “What kind of company do I even run?!”

So, I sat down and thought about what my core services were and found a through-thread of all the different things I did:

– Sales Optimisation: Increasing the efficiency of my clients sales process

– Product Creation: Increasing the Lifetime Value of my client’s clients

– Online Branding: Empowering my clients to charge what they’re worth

(Here’s how I phrase it in my brochure:)

All through content!

It’s essential that you create this piece of content for both external and internal readers. If you don’t know what you do, how are other people supposed to know what you do?

Like the brochure, don’t call this document something lame like, “xyz business core services” instead call it something like “3 Ways [Your service] Empowers You to Get [Result]”

When anyone asks you “What do you do?” You can then use that document to SELL what it is that you do to them in an easy-to-understand way, remember; A confused mind doesn’t buy.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or want that Personal Bio template, send me an email.

What piece of content do you use regularly? Let me know in the comments.

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